Chas Biederman


Since moving to Portland, Oregon, I’ve had the chance to work with a diverse group of equines that include shod and barefoot saddle horses, driving horses, show horses, and long-footed, gaited horses. I’ve also had the chance to work on several long-eared friends and have met some great people including both horses owners and other farriers.

My initial exposure to equines came from working with Warren Matthews, the owner of the Harney County Mule Company. I’ve ridden over 100 green mules for his company and have packed even more. He also gave me my first lessons in shoeing. After earning a bachelors of science degree in biology from Warren Wilson College, I landed a job with the Bureau of Land Management. Eventually, I became an animal caretaker at the Wild Horse Corrals in Burns, Oregon. At the facility, I ensured over 700 mustangs’ needs where met. The BLM then promoted me into the range rider position, where I rode and packed horses and mules to maintain wilderness fence. Later I would pack and shoe horses and mules for the National Park Service in Yosemite Valley.

After going back to school to complete a certificate program with Walla Walla Community College Farrier Science Program, I developed a style of shoeing  horses deeply rooted in traditions that have kept equines sound for thousands of years. The opportunity to work with other horseshoers and barefoot trimmers has also greatly expanded my skills and knowledge. I've had the chance to work under top farriers who specialize in jumpers and hunters, dressage horses, and gaited horses. Other mentors of mine include direct students of Bob Marshall, a member of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. It’s a fascinating trade, and I feel blessed every time I can help bring the best out of a horse or owner.

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