Shoes On Farrier Service LLC

More than just a whack and tack

Shoes On Farrier Service LLC





Serving Oregon and washington



Why Shoes On?

  1. Quality hoof care customized for your horse
  2. Friendly, punctual, and consistent service
  3. Knowledgeable farrier certified through Walla Walla Community College
  4.  Skilled in maintaining sound horses (see about page)
  5. Kind and patient hands that prioritize your horse's comfort




We love Chas as our farrier! He is always on time for our appointments, patient and gentle with the horses, exacting in his trimming and shoeing and fair in his prices. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality farrier. 5 stars.
— Sharon Harper, Kerry Morgans
Chas Bierdeman is a great farrier. He always puts the horse’s comfort and well being at the top of his list. Not only is he knowledgeable in his own right, but he is always working on expanding his knowledge. When needed he willingly coordinates what he does with your Vet. You will feel like you have a team in your corner to help solve any feet problems you might be facing.
— Gay Adams, Oregon City
Chas has trimmed my senior horse several times and shod my anxious gelding as well. I so appreciate his professional approach with both humans and horses! He is always timely and very patient with both of my guys! I would highly recommend him for any farrier work!
— Jill Hall of Kelso, Washington
About our horse trimmer Chas, our horses are finally experiencing farrier work from a person who knows how to gain their confidence & respect through his smooth whisperer kind of way. And he has helped us to understand the simple concepts the horses respond to. Chas has been trimming our horses for some time now & we are very happy with his farrier work & how our horses respond & behave while he works on them. Chas’s natural connection with horses makes the whole trimming/shoeing process better for horse & handler.
— Deb Davies of Forest Grove, Oregon
With Chas’s knowledge, promptness, and self-employed work ethics, I feel good moving my clients over to him. He will do a great job for you.
— Jerry Volk, Farrier Service
I have 3 senior horses, all of whom have age associated needs. Chas does each horse with patience, sympathy, and knowledge. He works closely with our vet, to be sure that even the horse with the rotated coffin bone is properly trimmed. Don’t delay to book with Chas, as I know his schedule is filling. If there was a 5 star rating system, Chas would get all 5 stars.
— Alison Stenger of Reindance Equestrian Stables
Chas shod my horse Sailor and did a great job. But as important as this is, I really appreciated his patience in working with this mare. She is a doll to shoe but had an injury we were trying to recover from, and he was very good about trying to make her comfortable as he worked around her. She was very well balanced when he finished. His reputation with the mules at the National Park is that he really takes his time and works well with them too. Would highly recommend him if you are need of a farrier that knows his job and does it well.
— Lynne Knox, Extreme Cowboy competitor